SelectionProfessional manuals

SelectionProfessional manual
The SelectionProfessional manual with detailed instructions to all program parts as the Designer, CAD, Document Manager and Roomplan. The manual is the basis to answering all questions around the usage of SelectionProfessional.

Cabinet library, materials and decorative elements manual
The manual contains all information about the predefined cabinet libraries in SelectionProfessional. Furthermore you will find all decorative elements for the Roomplan and the various materials that can be applied to cabinets, worktops, walls and floors.

Catalog manual
Hettich catalogue is an integral part of SelectionProfessional. The catalogue manual explains in detail, how to order via fax or email or how to print information as PDF file. It also explains how to define frequently ordered articles as favourite items.

Exercises manual
To make your first start with SelectionProfessional as easy as possible, a set of five exercises has been developed, which guide your through the most important functions of the program.

Installation manual
The installation of SelectionProfessional is straightforward. In case there should be questions about how to install or unistall anyway, this manual will have the answers.

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