Frequently asked questions - FAQ
Answers to many questions around SelectionProfessional can be found in the FAQ section of this website. This list is constantly updated. It is worth while to check back frequently to get answers to questions regarding SelectionProfessional.

SelectionProfessional not working after the Microsoft update
While starting SelectionProfessional Designer, the notification "Selection CAD not working” appears and the SelectionProfessional CAD-part shuts down. This is caused due to the security updates for Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft has taken action on this and published another security update. After installation of the security update KB2987107, SelectionProfessional can be run as usual. Please update your Windows to install the above mentioned security update.

Installing SelectionProfessional on a Windows 8 computer.
To install SelectionProfessional on a Windows 8 or 8.1 version, the Windows feature .NET framework 3.5 needs to be activated first. After this the SelectionProfessional can be installed.

To activate .NET framework an internet connection would be required.

For this proceed as follows:

1.) Activation of .NET Framework 3.5:

  • Open the Windows search function by clicking the keys Windows + F.
    A bar would appear on the right side, in which the search field appears.
  • Type “Features“in the search field and click on “settings” below the search field.
  • Select “activate or deactivate Windows-features” on the left side of the search results. One more window would open.
  • Select the option “.NET Framework 3.5“by clicking on the preceding box and then click on the OK button. The components below the .NET Framework would not be required.
  • The required files are now downloaded. During this process another notification would appear. Select the option “Download Windows update files“. Subsequently the download would start. This process continues for a while.
  • At the end a notification appears that the requested changes have been made. Close this notification by clicking on the “Close” button.
  • Finally the required Windows component is activated and SelectionProfessional can be installed.

In case internet connection is not available or an error occurs during the activation of.NET Framework 3.5, check the detailed instruction in the following link:


2.) Installation of SelectionProfessional:

After the Windows feature .NET Framework is activated, the SelectionProfessional can be installed through the SelectionProfessional DVD.During the installation a notification would appear that this program has compatibility issues. Activated an option at the bottom of the notification “Do not show this message again” and select the option “run program without the help aid”.
After the installation is complete, SelectionProfessional can be started through the shortcut option on Windows desktop.


How do I get the SelectionProfessional 2.3 update?
The SelectionProfessional 2.3 update can be obtained when it occurs during the installation of SelectionProfessional. However, this update is applicable only for the SelectionProfessional 2.0 version. All the other versions of SelectionProfessional have to be uninstalled before installing SelectionProfessional 2.3. Constructions, rooms and the activation of the earlier SelectionProfessional versions will be retained. SelectionProfessional does not have to be newly activated again.

How do I know the current version number of my SelectionProfessional program?
Start the update through Start > Program > Selection > SelectionProfessional update. At the top on the left side, the version number with “version on your computer” would be displayed.

I already have an earlier version of SelectionProfessional. Do I have to again purchase SelectionProfessional 2.3?
If you have already purchased SelectionProfessional, you do not have to purchase a new SelectionProfessional. After the installation of SelectionProfessional, when you see the activation dialogue while starting the designer, click on “buy activation“even if you have already paid for the SelectionProfessional. A new bill will not be generated.
If you have still not received the SelectionProfessional 2.3-DVD, please contact the SelectionProfessional infoline. We will send you a new DVD free of charge.
The contact details for your country are given under „Infoline“under the tab Updates and Support on the website.

What is new in SelectionProfessional 2.3?
Besides small corrections, the SelectionProfessional 2.3 has been adapted to the new Furniture and Fittings 2013 catalogue.

I have problems installing the SelectionProfessional. Where can I get help?
We have an infoline, which offers technical support for SelectionProfessional. The infoline can be contacted via telephone, fax or E-mail. The contact details are given under “Infoline“ in the tab updates und support on our website.