Program Updates

Current program updates
SelectionProfessional is constantly enhanced. To always be up-to-date we are offering an online download service for SelectionProfessional. Here you can find all information around the most recent updates as well as a comprehensive update manual.

SelectionProfessional 2.3 update
SelectionProfessional 2.3 gets installed through the SelectionProfessional update. Alternatively, the update can also be downloaded. The download link and a detailed update manual are available on the right hand side in the section downloads.
You can update to the SelectionProfessional 2.3 version, only when the SelectionProfessional 2.0 version is installed. All other SelectionProfessional versions must first be removed. The newly installed SelectionProfessional 2.3 can access existing drawings and rooms, along with the activation.

Current version number
How do I find out the version number of my installation of SelectionProfessional?Start the update by clicking on START > Programs > Selection > SelectionProfessional UpdateThe version number will be displayed on the top left corner below "Version on your computer"!

System requirements
Windows XP® (SP3) / VISTA (SP1, 32/64 bit) / Windows 7® (32/64 bit)
(Windows 8 systems are currently not supported!)

  • Intel Pentium® 4
  • AMD Athlon® = 2,2 GHz (3,0 GHz VISTA / Windows 7)
  • Intel / AMD Dual Core = 1,6 GHz (2,0 GHz VISTA / Windows 7)


  • XP: 1 GB RAM / VISTA & Windows 7: 2 GB RAM
  • 64 bit - Systeme: 4 GB RAM

Graphics card / screen resolution

  • 128 MB (True Color), OpenGL®-fähig, Direct3D®-fähig
  • 1024 x 786 dpi

Harddrive capacity / optical drive

  • 2,5 GB (partial installation) /3 GB (full installation)


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6 (or better) or Firefox
  • Adobe Reader® 5.0 or better

Current Program Updates

Service Update - Product Update - Functions Update


  • New catalogue functionality, improved design
  • Updated catalogue with up-to-date items and articlenumbers

Service Update

  • 64 bit compatible
  • Enlargement of the cabinet library
  • Updating the favourites in the catalogue option
  • Diverse program optimisation

Product Update
New products

  • Sensys: new hinges, TH 54 flash & TB 52
  • Mounting plate 8099 Inline
  • TopLine M
  • TopLine L
  • ArciTech
  • InnoTech platform concept
  • Quadro V6+ with Push to open
  • LeMans II